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Muscle Daddies is the premiere dating site for real men of all ages. We are especially proud to welcome Muscle Daddies to our site; muscled men who work out and love to show off their muscles.

At Daddyhunt when we say "Muscle Daddy" we usually mean older men who are into working out, lifting weights and building up their bodies. At Daddyhunt, we believe that staying fit and taking care of your health is key to growing older. However, you don't have to be a "muscle head" or be into other muscled guys to be a Muscle Daddy on Daddyhunt. You just have to have muscles! Daddyhunt is the premiere place for Daddies, bears and muscle Daddies to find friends, dates and admirers of all ages and interests. There are tens of thousands of men (younger, older, hairier and smoother, muscled, beefy, slim, chubby) on Daddyhunt who love muscles and Daddies and appreciate a Muscle Daddy, intellectually and physically. On Daddyhunt, you can approach men of all ages for friendship, dating and more.

We work hard to feature content, members and resources that are of interest to Daddies and Muscle Daddies. Some of the articles on our blog discuss relationships, dating and sex for Daddies and Muscle Daddies. Our blog, Age Appropriate, is the voice of Daddies and Muscle Daddies throughout the world. We give all our members an opportunity to comment on articles and participate in the online conversation whenever possible.

There has never been a better time than now to be a Daddy or a Muscle Daddy. Daddyhunt welcomes you to our community.

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