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Hello Thanks for stopping by, Please read it will help the conversation a lot :)

I'm NOT your average or normal person or anything gives the same impression. 24 Years walking in 42 Years :)))

Please, Please, i really dont enjoy the conversations with teenagers or sex seekers i am a very Relationship-oriented person . have little maturity to keep the conversation up. thanks for understanding. xxoxx

I speak English and Arabic Fluently, Have basics of German and Turkish ( if u would like to help would be ultimately appreciated )

I like people with a stupid sense of humor o_O

Hate small talks
I wanna talk about atoms, Death, Sex,Aspiration, Intellect, The meaning of life, Faraway Galaxies, The lies you've told, Favorite scents, Your childhood, what keeps you up at night, your fears and your insecurity!
Enough what's up and small talks

Don't think you're a goddess just because many people are trying to chat with you at the same time. The quality of the majority here is open for discussion as we all can see.

My Top Destinations are :-

United kingdom and Ireland - USA ( FL - NYC- LA ) - Italy - Dubai - Germany - Spain. want to meet us there? Lets make it!

I use Skype ,What's app for further assistance XD :)
if you get to this line, you SHOULD send message, Man, you are interested, Dont you think ? :D :D

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