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Since sex became easier to get...
love has become a lot harder to find.

My name is Emiel and I'm from Belgium, but the world is my playground. I'm a positive-minded, dynamic and down-to-earth guy in search for a nice and meaningful encounter. I do not expect too much from people per se, but I do still have high expectations in life. I know that love is real and that it is the foundation of life.

My instagram: emieltjes

Travelling is definitely one of my biggest passions, going on adventure, hiking, outdoor sports, safari's but as well relaxing and tanning by the beach or at the pool.
Other passions of mine are cooking, swimming and going to the theather or opera.

Ideally I'd like to be with someone who accepts me for who I am and with whom I can be completely myself.
Mutual respect, trust and honesty are of the utmost importance to me in a relationship and that's what I'd bring to it, as well joy and laughter of course :).
Furthermore I value a man who knows where he stands for and who has accomplished something in his life (not necessarily carreerwise but above all on a personal level).

Please do not hesitate to contact me. I might not always be able to answer you right away, but I'll do my best to do so when I can. However, do have something properly to say and include a decent PICTURE if you don't have one in your profile.

Thanks for visiting my profile ;)

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